Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last night, I had a dream about you.

Okay, I'm finally writing a blog post. I've been busy, I've had stuff to talk about, I just haven't managed to turn thoughts into words. Before I start though, I bid a warm welcome to my two new followers. Let me see now, welcome amyforder and... I think that's Magda? Am I the only one who's seeing &#65533 repeated four times? Well, whoever you are, welcome. I hope you enjoy my blog. And if you don't, I'm not going to know so its all good :D

Now, down to business. Today is the first of February (pinch punch etc etc.) and school is.. two three or four days away, depending on how you look at it. I start back on Friday the 4th people. And yes, that does mean I have one day of school and then the weekend. I don't understand it either but I'm not exactly going to argue about it am I? For those of you that don't live in Australia, Australia Day was on the 26th, though my fellow Aussie bloggers have probably mentioned it. Every year on Australia day my mum hosts a street party and makes the people in our street go to it. It doesn't usually get in my way, so I don't mind. The three nights before it were good though, I went to Sponge's house with Wombat (hehe codenames) and we stayed the night, then we slept at Wombats, then mine. We did what we always do, ate crap food, talked about crap and played crap games. It was all a bit of harmless fun and I enjoyed myself.

After they left I've been killing time at home mostly I think. E and I are on shakier and shakier ground every day, but somehow everything just keeps going. I was quite torn up about it for a few days, but I'm fine now. School will give me something to concentrate on soon.

I slept over at Wombats again last night. He has a medium-sized pool now, and the weather's getting past 35-40 degrees (Celsius) so it came in handy.

I was watching TV today (as I am wont to do) and the song "Nothing" by The Script came onto Channel V. It's a really good song and I'd seen it before and forgotten about it til now. After it finished, it got me thinking. "Nothing" suits my situation quite well right now, but why else do I love The Script so much? And how is that at odds with my love of heavier rock and metal songs? I figured out that first, I like The Script so much because they're a guys band playing soft rock and singing about heartbreak and getting away with it. There are a number of soft rock bands I admit, but something about The Script's lead singers voice puts them a cut above the rest for me.
Second, the reason I like heavy metal songs and harder rock is because of the way they make me (and others no doubt) feel. Metal makes you feel powerful. I'm not saying every metal song does, but the overarching trend in metal is that the distorted guitars, powerful drums, masculine voices etc etc combine to make you feel strong, powerful and in control. Disturbed's song "Indestructible" comes to mind, because that song was literally created to make the listener feel indestructible. David Draiman (lead singer of Disturbed, no I didn't have to look that up) wrote the song targeted at American soldiers going off to war.

Wow that was a massive paragraph. Oh wait, its actually two. I'm not as bad at punctuation as I thought  :D

A lot of the past few weeks I have spent recording and watching episodes of That 70's Show, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. I must have mentioned this already a few times, but they are my favourite TV shows at the moment. Particularly the latter two, though episodes of TBBT (cbf typing the full names) are disappointingly scarce.

Sponge lent me some CD's when I was at his place. Daft Punk's album Discovery and Deadmau5's two albums For Lack Of A Better Name and Random Album Title. You should definitely check out Digital Love by Daft Punk, it's probably my favourite song right now. I Remember by Deadmau5 featuring Kaskade is really good as well. He also showed me a song called Shut Your Mouth by Under Construction which is actually a cover, but trust me, it's far far better than the original. Finally, I personally found a song called Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex, which you should check out when you have some time on your hands. Its a fun little techno/dubstep thingy.

With far too much time on my hands, too many things to think about, too much to do and too little drive to do a post or anything productive, I've spent a little time on We Heart It, picking up some interesting pictures. And you know, I'll have some little tidbit comment for each of them, of course. Now what have I been..Oh yeah, How I Met Your Mother pictures. That reminds me, I say Toy Story 3 today on DVD. Good fun. Hold on while i search we heart it for Toy story :D

I'm disappointed. I got to page 27 of 63 and got nothing to show for it. Not cool.
Moving on..

Oh Barney, Barney, Barney.

The Barnacle is why I keep coming back to HIMYM 
Okay turns out I'm not in the mood for pictures. This hasn't been a very interesting post has it? Oh well, I don't mind. Enjoy your day (or night.)

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Magda^_^ said...

Hey,thanks for the greeting! That was a little surprise!I do enjoy your blog a lot:)And yes,I am Magda (greek name).
I like TBBT too. But F.R.I.E.N.D.S. are far better for me:D
Anyway,it seems like you have fun!
keep smiling:)