Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's on your mind?

I' so fucking sick of this shit.
I'm sick of pretending I'm not a normal teenager, I'm sick of pretending I'm a normal teenager. I sick of not being good enough. I'm sick of trying and I'm sick of not trying. I'm sick of loneliness and I'm sick of people. I'm sick of school and I'm sick of sitting at home. I'm sick of forcing myself not to bitch. I'm sick of liars. I'm sick of the internet and the books I read and the food I eat. What am I meant to say? What am I meant to do? I'm sick of asking questions with no replies. I'm sick of pretty girls with other boys on their minds. I'm sick of parents and teachers. I'm sick of homework and responsibility. I'm sick of life. I'm sick of load music that doesn't mean anything and soft music that means too much. I'm sick of stories and I'm sick of the truth. I'm sick of flipping out over small stuff and I'm sick of not giving a shit about important stuff. I'm sick of sleep and I'm sick of being awake. I'm sick of thinking about people that I shouldn't and I'm sick of not thinking about those I should.

EDIT: I'm sorry I just have to say this. I am at the moment reading a series of very amazing books (The Sandman by Neil Gaiman) and I just started on the introduction to the 9th in the series. Each of the books has an introduction which I skip if it looks like there's going to be spoilers for the story. I have never read these books before. In the introduction for the one I just started, the buttfucking retarded piece of shit loser dumbassed sack of flies-eyed rotten leprotic necrotic lunatic nutcase fuckwit introduction-writer spoils the ending without ANY warning. I CAN'T MOTHERFUCKING READ THIS BOOK NOW BECAUSE THIS FUCKING SHIT CUNT HAS TOLD ME WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.WHAT IS THE POINT OF WRITING AN ENTIRE STORY BUILDING UP TO A MASSIVE CLIMATIC MOMENT OF THE PAST EIGHT BOOKS IF SOME FUCKING DIPSHIT IS JUST GOING TO TELL THE READER THE ENDING ON THE SECOND MOTHERFUCKING PAGE?!WHO THE HELL LET THIS IDIOTIC BRAIN-DEAD "WRITER" WRITE THE INTRODUCTION?! 

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Camelgirl said...

hahahahahahahahha at the edit hahahahah, i love you and your perfect brain.